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Is The BridgePath a credit repair company?

The BridgePath is a nonprofit 501©3 corporation that provides consumers and small business owners expert and comprehensive personal financial education.


Can The BridgePath help me settle my debt with my creditors?

The BridgePath is not a settlement company, nor a debt management organization. We provide expert and comprehensive personal financial education. Under specific conditions, our trained and certified staff can assist consumers with creditor negotiations.


The BridgePath being a nonprofit, is my contribution Tax deductible?

We certify that The BridgePath as described in Section 501© 3 of the Internal Revenue Code meets all conditions necessary to receive contributions deductible for U.S. Federal income tax purposes.


Where are the offices for The BridgePath?

The BridgePath founder and board members agreed to forgo a brick-and-mortar venue, based on the decision to use all contributions and funding for programs and services, instead of rent. A special feature in our business plan demonstrates we are more effective and efficient in providing our programs and services where our client base congregates. Please note, there is a private office within the Houston Consulado General de Mexico. This office is specifically for visiting Mexican nationals seeking consular services.


Are the services and programs offered by The BridgePath free?

The services and programs offered by The BridgePath, in general, are mostly free to most clients that participate in our community services and programs. These programs and services are supported by contributions and funding from our financial partners. Please note, there are services that require a fee.

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